Things You Should Know Before getting a Volkswagen Service in Brisbane

Volkswagen is one of the biggest names in the automotive industry.  The said company has produced some of the most sturdy tanks in the first and second world war. They are also one of the first companies to mass produce cars efficiently. In addition to that, they are also associated with two of the most stylish luxury car manufacturers: Bentley and Audi. In short, they are the epitome of excellent German engineering. Because of that, your volkswagen car is a prized possession that not everybody has.  So, in order to keep in tip top condition you need to find the best Volkswagen service in Brisbane. However, Volkswagens are unique and they require a specific servicing. So in order to do it right, keep these things on your mind.


Truth be told, if you are into Volkswagens, you are probably into iconic vintage cars such as the beetle. If that is the case, you should know that your car is probably as old as your dad. So, take extra cautions to ensure that its life lasts longer. Vintage Volkswagen cars, especially the beetles, do not have water cooled engines. So, you need extra caution when it comes to shifting gears and traveling long distances. You should also need to tell your choice of Volkswagen service in Brisbane about your travel history so that they can make adjustments into their servicing.

Rear axle problems

There has been a lot of recorded incidents regarding Volkswagen cars that experience a lot of rear axle problems. These problems are caused by moisture that got into the ball joints causing them to corrode. When these ball joints corrode, they start to crumble and might cause accidents. In order to avoid this, the Volkswagen service in Brisbane should be able to lock all sort of moisture out of the ball joints. If this is not done right, the worst case scenario that you would be facing is a car crash.

Brake problems

This problem is more evident to Volkswagen golfs that are manufactured around 1997 to 2004. It has been reported that the brake servo pipes of these cars are prone to breaking which makes braking harder for the driver. These can lead into accidents. So, take it very seriously.

Fuel pump problems

This occurs on every car in the world and not just on Volkswagens. Fuel pumps are responsible for the power behind your car. Without it, your car wouldn’t move an inch. The malfunction of this part can lead to serious damage especially when you go uphill. If this happens, your car would end up running backwards and might hit other cars or people.

As mentioned above, despite the brilliant engineering of these cars, if you don’t treat them right, they might betray you. Remember that your car will usually tell you that there is something wrong with it.  In order for you to choose the best Volkswagen service in Brisbane, you should know at least the basics of these stuff in order for you to assess them correctly.

Post Author: Vanessa Grayson

Vanessa Grayson